VOICE – Intellectual Output 4 – Toolkit for teachers

Our 4th and final Intellectual Output of our project #VOICE is a #Toolkit!

This toolkit serves as a handbook for teachers who wish to set up a co-educational relationship with their families of the children in the class: it contains methodological notes, work ideas, also concrete and sustainable activities, as well as materials to be downloaded to facilitate meaningful educational experiences. 

The toolkit is a fundamental tool to accompany the teacher: it allows to share the #methodology, to share #guidelines for the #involvement of #families, to #explain all the tools/outputs of the project, how to use them and how to adapt them to one’s own context.The toolkit therefore contains a part of reflection on the general aspects of the project:

đź“ŚCyberbullying and hate speech in primary schools.

đź“ŚCo-education as a necessary tool for effective contrast; the role of parents and teachers

đź“ŚThe importance of media education in combating these phenomena.

đź“ŚGuidelines for parents

đź“ŚGuidelines for institutions to promote similar project

A second part of the toolkit explains all the tools (documentary, cartoon and interactive notebook) and accompanies the use in different contexts: at school and at home. 

Download the toolkit from the following link: https://vioneconsult.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/VOICE-toolkit-_-ENGLISH-version-final.pdf