On this page we want to show you more about how our projects are developing, what we do and present some learning results to you.

This page is dedicated to the project VOICE: “VOICE – Cooperation to Combat Cyber-pullying and Hate Speech” in (Pre-) Primary Schools project, which is implemented at European level by VSI Edukaciniai Projektai (Lithuania), Societa Cooperativa Sociale Zaffiria (Italy), Asociatia Institutul pentru Parteneriat Social Bucovina (Romania), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway, and VI One Consultancy (Netherlands).

The project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program and the National Agency of the Program in Lithuania – Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

In the period 2020-2022, the VOICE team focuses its work on achieving the following project objectives:
• Creating ways of collaboration for dialogue between, parents and intention of dangerous situations online can start activating the effects and externalities;
• Listening to children’s point of view and enabling them as EU citizens to debate and reflect on the project topics;
• Experimenting with participatory tools and methodologies that improve media production and participatory wording for a new relationship with the media and technologies and for new alliances;
• Drafting guidelines and methodologies that guide European in activating active participation of people in education and childcare policy;

Want to know more about our project? Visit the project website via this link. 

Intellectual Output 1: Documentary
Intellectual Output 2: Cartoon
Intellectual Output 3: Interactive activity notebook (App)
Intellectual Output 4: Toolkit for teachers

Intellectual Output 1: Documentary

Intellectual Output 2: The Cartoon

Intellectual Output 3: VOICE APP

‘My Kind Voice’ is the name of the application that the partnership created. The variety of the activities and games the app provides are to be carried out #at #home and #at #school and integrated with each other, to give the sense of a real path of co-education. 

To effectively contrast and #reduce #hate #speech and cyberbullying from primary school onwards, a strong alliance between parents and teachers is needed.

The app includes 16 activities written by the partners. The activities are designed and coded to be realized with #digital #support in order

to promote #positive and #constructive #use of #technology. The activities are attractive and playful, stimulating creativity and critical thinking. It is not an exercise book or homework in the traditional sense, but games and activities that are enjoyable to carry out. 

The activities aim to support the teacher and families in fighting cyberbulling and hate speech and are adapted for contexts even with less technology available, adapted to the main types of mobile phones and tablets.

Does your phone have an ‘#AppStore’ – Download My Kind Voice via the following link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/my-kind-voice/id1634628055  

Does your phone have a ‘#GoogleStore’ – Download My Kind Voice via the following link:


Intellectual Output 4: Toolkit for teachers

This toolkit serves as a handbook for teachers who wish to set up a co-educational relationship with their families of the children in the class: it contains methodological notes, work ideas, also concrete and sustainable activities, as well as materials to be downloaded to facilitate meaningful educational experiences. 

The toolkit is a fundamental tool to accompany the teacher: it allows to share the #methodology, to share #guidelines for the #involvement of #families, to #explain all the tools/outputs of the project, how to use them and how to adapt them to one’s own context.The toolkit therefore contains a part of reflection on the general aspects of the project:

📌Cyberbullying and hate speech in primary schools.

📌Co-education as a necessary tool for effective contrast; the role of parents and teachers

📌The importance of media education in combating these phenomena.

📌Guidelines for parents

📌Guidelines for institutions to promote similar project

A second part of the toolkit explains all the tools (documentary, cartoon and interactive notebook) and accompanies the use in different contexts: at school and at home. 

Download the toolkit from the following link: https://vioneconsult.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/VOICE-toolkit-_-ENGLISH-version-final.pdf