Project Details


  • to raise the knowledge and awareness about cyberbullying informing target groups about their rights
  • to increase prevention through education and conflict management trainings
  • support and enrichment of the scope of experts’, trainers’, educators’ and parents’ qualification, knowledge and competences for effective support of target groups
  • strengthening active collaboration among all participants

Methods, Techniques, Tools

  • expanding knowledge, identifying the problem, psychological help, legislative protection tools, cyber ethics and juridical dimension of cyber crimes
  • developing a deeper understanding beyond cyberbullying basic concepts (in national dimension), focusing on the psychological aspects, children knowledge and points of view (through interviews), consequences and taking preventive actions against cyberbullying
  • dealing with cyberbullying and hate speech that involves boys and girls from primary schools, encouraging victims to report incidents and understanding perpetrators’ behaviour
  • providing legal actions, tips and tools for target groups to help youngsters deal with cyberbullying
  • improving collaborative learning, critical thinking, social and communication skills, interpersonal and intercultural competences
  • developing and provision of online training materials and resources, new online teaching, e-workshops, newly developed materials like questionnaires, handbooks, leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • holding meetings, discussions, debates, group works, conferences and events with teachers, trainers, educators, experts, activities for working together on common goals (creation of cartoons, books …), etc.
  • experimenting with participatory tools and methodologies that enhance media production and participatory word taking for a new relationship with the media and technologies and for new alliances
  • producing a handbook for teachers and guidelines that can accompany European stakeholders in propelling the active participation of people in education and childcare policies
  • holding internal face-to-face meetings to brainstorm, exchange ideas and knowledge
  • providing tools designed to activate discussion and participation and promote educational experiences
  • providing regular information to target groups as well as in approbation and evaluation of the developed materials
  • spreading awareness and knowledge through social media channels, websites, circular newsletters, media publications, blog articles, platforms like NGO portal and EPALE, etc.

Programme: Erasmus+
Key action: KA2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships – General Education
VIOne Consultancy key role: Partner

Our project CYBERBULLYING aims to provide knowledge, raise awareness and increase cyberbullying prevention through
educational activities, close collaboration between children, parents and teachers and international experience.

Objectives for this project can be found on our project website by accessing this link. The final results will become available after the project’s end date.




3 years


In progress

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