Who are we?

VIOne Consultancy is a Centre for Creative Education, Smart Development & Innovative Consultancy. With ultimate care for your happiness!

Our Story

After 30 years of vast interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of Psychology, Coaching and Education, a successful career and lots of adventures in different parts of Europe, I naturally stepped forward gathering all my previous efforts and experience to found a company based in the Netherlands for its favourable business climate and quality of life, a fully grown market able to understand, accept, receive and adapt our innovative approach of thinking and doing.

VIOne Consultancy was established in 2019 as a private company working in the field of life-long learning education, coaching, mentoring, digitalization, mental health, services for children with learning disabilities and interventions in crisis, adults’ trainings and human resources management and development.

Nowadays we involve whole communities in social projects and programmes at local, regional, national and international level providing our services worldwide.

Our Vision

Our objective as a company is to develop new approaches and methods, which we could use for education and personal development in our consulting and mentoring programmes.

We constantly challenge ourselves to use the latest proven methodologies and tools in an integrated manner and combine them with newly developed techniques and digital technology to ensure in-depth learning and make a long-lasting difference.

Our Purpose

  1. Provide constant improvement, sustainable growth and happiness to people and organisations.
  2. Contribute to the worldwide awareness and innovation in the area of life-long learning and self-care.

  3. Form motivational systems for implementation in civil society.

  4. Achieve long-lasting impact on international level by integrity and collaboration.

Vitlena Vasileva

Founder & Managing Director

“You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life.” ― Carlos Castañeda


Vitlena completed a Master of “Psychology” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria and also followed a specialization in “Psychotherapy – Neo-Reichian school” at West Deutsche Academy, Switzerland and Medical Academy,Bulgaria. Furthermore, Vitlena followed other specialisations such as a specialization in “Integrated Training” at Hilton Foundation – Perkins, USA and a specialization in “Organizational and occupational psychology, where she developed herself as a coach for group dynamics training and organizational behaviour” at the International Business School – Bulgarian-Danish Business Department, Bulgaria.

Vitlena Speaks

English, Russian, Bulgarian

She is proud of

2 children and 2 grandchildren

Expertise, Skills, Experience

Psychologist, Coach & Trainer

Methodological support and training for social workers working with foster care families. Training activities include courses and group discussions, family and individual sessions, and are defined according to the needs of the parents and can be related to the newborn; the role of the father in the baby`s life; early childhood development; healthy eating for the baby; safety and development of the child and the role of the parents; child`s entering crèche, kindergarten, school, etc.

Psychologist, Advisor and a Team leader

“Integrated Learning” Consultant for children with disabilities.

  • Organising 5 parenting schools for parents of multiple handicapped children (0 to 5 years old).
  • Organising trainings for parents who have children with emotional problems on how to use children’s paintings for recognizing their deficits and stabilize their condition.
  • Organising seminars for parents who have children with learning disabilities and autism.

A Team leader, a Trainer and an Advisor

Significant experience in developing and conducting different types of training, informal educational initiatives and other types of events. Years of experience in organizing psychodynamic and educational trainings in the area of soft skills.

Team leader in 8 projects under EU programs implemented successfully.

Meet the team

Expert and trainer: Maya Vasileva
Higher Education: Sociology – Bachelor’s degree, Management and development of human
resources – Master’s degree. PhD degree in the field of Marketing of tourism. Certificate for
training of trainers; Certificate for training consultants in organizational development,
management and human resources management. Maya Vasileva has experience in European
programmes as a coordinator. Currently she is a Project Manager for ViOne Consultancy and manages the implementation of our projects.