Women in business, politics and society, reach their full potential through talent and diversity.

In business, politics and society as a whole, we can only reach our full potential if we use all of our talent and diversity.

Did you know that the first time the principle of equal pay for men and women appeared was in 1957 in the Treaty of Rome?

Today, the European Union is a global leader in gender equality: 14 of the top 20 countries worldwide on gender equality are EU Member State.

How does the Confidence Gap and Worklife Balance impacts on women in business?
How does the Confidence Gap and Worklife Balance impacts on women in business?

50% of the world population is female, and yet only 7.6% (That’s 38) of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs.

And it’s not that women aren’t educated or qualified for these roles- The US (among many other countries), has more women with Bachelors degrees than men.

We use different vocabulary to describe men and women. Taylor Swift brought this concept up in an interview- Men are strategicassertive, and dominant. Women, on the contrary, are calculatingbossy, and aggressive.

There are so many women and people around the world that don’t have the privilege to reach for these opportunities, but for those who do:

Recognize that a large portion of society is already treating you differently simply because of your gender, and you don’t need to subconsciously impose a barrier upon yourself as well.

  • Be confident in your ability and knowledge. You are equally as competent and knowledgeable as everyone else. Never underestimate yourself.
  • Make mistakes. That’s the only way you’ll grow.
  • Truly treat boys and girls equally. Next time you hear someone call a little girl bossy, stand up for her- she has leadership skills.
  • Next time you’re afraid to say or do something, ask yourself: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • Help others grow. Alone, you have power, but together, we have impact.

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