VOICE App – Workshops

👏This week we organised the workshops for our project VOICE! 🤩
We heard very positive feedback from everyone!

😊They found the app very interactive, modern and playful.

😊They really loved the freedom of creating their own monster and tailoring their experience in the app!

😊They found the app also very funny and liked that they were having an experience. 😊They said they found it great that they can share and discuss their answers with their friends and classmates

😊The children also taught it is amazing that they can make and add photos in the app

😊The parents and teachers found the app very educative and also shared that they find this methodology very successful in not only stimulating a discussion with the children on the topic but also, through play, making them aware of the dangers of the online world and subconsciously educating them.

😞There was feedback that this app would be even more helpful if it was translated in more languages.

We are happy to have this wonderful response from the children, the parents and the educators!

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Have a look at some pictures that we made in the schools and some pictures we received from the parents.