ViOne in a conversation about the project:”Growing European Microenterprises (GEM)”

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The Growing European Micro-enterprises (GEM) consortium includes micro enterprises representing the primary target group, an education centre, an NGO and a tertiary education centre.

Our consortium is composed of six partners from five countries from different regions (ES, UK, NL, IE and AU). We represent a mix of public and private organisations, profit and non-profit organisations and experienced and inexperienced organisations which will bring different perspectives and experiences to the consortia. 

This month we went on a visit with the project partners and the project coordinator in Spain, where during the one week activities, the partners discussed the project, news and trends related to entrepreneurship and how to collaborate better in the future. The coordinator presented to the partners the project in a very inspirational way. We are happy to participate in this impactful project in the sphere of entrepreneurship and to be exchanging ideas with great professionals from across the European Union.

Read more about the project here.