T4T – LTTA in Athens

We are in Athens, Greece for our LTTA Event for the T4T project.

MYARTIST has organised wonderful activities for the partnership! 

On the first day we discussed the whole program of the event, and got to know our partners a bit better. Canva was introduced as a Digital tool to use for the product. We have defined the goals of the activity. 

Also, in the framework of the project T4T we had the chance to walk though the city centre of Athens, observing the world around us with a different “lens”.

With the valuable help and guidance of Emfasis Foundation we had the opportunity to learn more about homelessness in Athens! 

Thanks to all of our partners for the wonderful collaboration!

DomSpain – Spain 
Artied – Art Inspired Education – Bulgaria 
MYARTIST – Greece 
VIOne – The Netherlands 
Edukaciniai Projektai – Lithuania 
Społeczna Akademia Nauk – Poland 

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