Let her in workshop: international internships!

Another #Let#her#in workshop is a fact!

We are waiting you for another workshop related to international #internships and #traineeships!

And if you are still wondering why it is important to do an intership… here is your answer!

If you’re considering applying for an internship and looking for professional positions, going abroad might not be something you would have immediately thought of as a choice. Of course, leaving the comforts of your home city and moving to a foreign place isn’t an easy choice, but the rewards of making that choice will benefit you in your future career prospects.

International experience is a big plus when starting a professional career. Europe offers many possibilities for studying, working and provides the best prerequisites for launching a professional career. Open borders in the European Union and well-developed infrastructure will make this experience relatively smooth for you. The European Union is the largest contiguous economic area in the world with its legislation. This means that some standards and regulations apply in Italy as well as in France or Spain.

Internship opportunities are abundant in Europe, and there are various reasons for you to do an internship in another county nearby. Just a few that we are going to discuss here are:

Get to know a new business culture.
Stand out from the crowd.
Learning without pressure.
Skill development.
Learn foreign languages.
Start an independent life.
International Networking.

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