Let her In: 2023 Project Club in Athens

We attended the Let Her In’s 2023 Project Club, hosted by MYARTIST in Athens.

Here is a summary of our trip!

Day 1

In a picturesque building in the center of Athens, the association members spent a more than productive day. They brainstormed about the Network’s identity, participated in workshops about Erasmus+, and presented their ideas with a common goal: to create strong partnerships aimed at social change.What better way to end the day than with an event showcasing what we’ve accomplished since day one.

The Hellenic Numismatic Museum of Athens provided us with its elegant venue, and we had the opportunity to celebrate our successes while envisioning the future.We want to thank everyone who attended, especially the Director of the Museum, Dr. George Kakavas, for the beautiful event he planned and the magical performances that rounded off a perfect evening for our Network.

We also had the opportunity to evaluate the situation of female rights and gender violence in Greece together with Jenny Krithara, the writer of the bestselling book “I’m a woman, that’s why you are killing me” and Aspasia Theofilou | Ασπασία Θεοφίλου co-founder of Strong me.

The night concluded with a joint dinner of the Network’s members celebrating.

Day 2

We started the procedure with extra enthusiasm. Projects ideas tackling various challenges in education, gender mainstreaming, sustainability, and inclusivity had already been presented, and some more was about to get shared. As we write this text, partnerships are created and enriched, and the members of the Let Her In network are designing the next steps to realize their goals.But this Network is not just about accomplishing ideas. It’s also about sharing ideas that change our society. Members shared their ongoing or completed projects, disseminating the results and the possibilities of exploiting them. Because as we like to say #DisseminationMatters.

Last but not least, as a network aiming at social change, we decided to support an NPO working in the field of homelessness. With Emfasis Foundation, we created Survival Kits (bags including hygiene products) that the streetworkers will distribute to the homeless people of Athens. During this activity, we discussed the different forms of vulnerability, streetwork, and what “relief & empowerment” means.

The day ended with a visit to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre and the National Library of Greece (SNFCC).

That was just a glimpse of what happened and what will happen shortly. As you can imagine, you’ll hear more from us soon, so remember to stick around.