iDream Multiplier event in the Netherlands

On 30 and 31 May this year we spend time with 63 participants in Breda University, and the Hague the Netherlands. Dr. Liliya Terzieva, Dr. Maya Danova and Vitlena Vasileva were the presenters and hosts of the event.

All the participants were welcome with a coffee and were ask to fulfil the participant list. In the beginning, Vitlena Vasileva presented VI One Consultancy and the team.
After that, Dr. Maya Danova presented the partnership consortium, the aims and objectives of the projects. In the end of this session were presented the results and all the materials uploaded in the platform.

After a coffee break, participants took part in the workshop, which was lead by Dr. Liliya Terzieva. In the workshop the participants had time to read the topics in which they are interested and to see some details in each of the outputs. In the end, all participants were asked to fulfill the evaluation sheet and all of them received certificates.