Being a lecturer during COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 far outreached what initially thought possible. One of the groups that were impacted the most during this time was lecturers. In a matter of days, they were forced to abandon classrooms and begin teaching online for the first time.  

The creation of this magazine was done by a final year International Business students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Gergana Bogdanova and Gabriela Greste, whose task was to gain international perspectives and intercultural competencies while being at home. These students interviewed university lecturers, teachers in private schools, teachers of primary and secondary education public schools and medical professors in the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

“We wrote this magazine to reach lecturers who have battled the war of lecturing online and engaging students through the internet.”

They outlined three lessons learned:

Lesson 1: Adapting to new environments: “The new normal”
Lesson 2: Capturing the students’ attention in a virtual classroom.
Lesson 3: Should we continue teaching online or return to the classroom?

The magazine also discusses the future of education: online, offline or blended and provides insightful resources on where and how you can support yourself as an educational professional lecturing digitally.

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